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Hi Dave, Thanks for the really useful kayaking info for Racine's Root River section. One update for you: the link for the bike path map has changed. Bike path map now located at


Do you know if SVG is available on this wiki? (eg. if one of the svg rasterizers has been installed?) If I upload a map as an image, .svg makes the most sense, since 1) that's what I'll initially create it as anyway, and 2) I really would like others to be able to update/correct any of my content, and for images, that's far easier to do with SVGs compared to PNG/GIF/PDF. --Interiot 13:24, 21 September 2007 (CDT)

Response: You can't upload .svg files at this time. I'll have to check into the support for this, I took a quick look but really couldn't tell if it was supported natively or required an extension. Mediawiki seems to have a preference for .png and .jpg, which is why I recommend using those file types. If there is support, it looks like your svg files will be rasterized and presented as .png files, so be aware that some of the benifits of svg files may not be achieved. If mediawiki has native support for this I will probably turn it on after some testing, but if it requires an extension I'll probably just wait until mediawiki supports it or until browser support is more standardized hopefully eliminating the need for the wiki software rasterizing them. Also, be aware that vector-based graphics tend to be more problematic than bitmap-based graphics; different software tends to interpret them differently and you may find that portions of your image do not display as you intended (if at all). Also, I'm not sure what program you are using to create these, but if it is the output of a mapping program, be aware that you cannot post those on this site (read Editors Terms of Use ) I have a little backlog of admin stuff I need to do to the site, so I don't know when I will get to this though. --Dave 17:26, 23 September 2007 (CDT)

No, SVG doesn't require an extension, but it does require an external rasterizer to be installed. This looks like a good summary of how to enable SVG support.
Correct, .svg files are by default displayed as .png, since many browsers don't support it yet. However, the raw .svg is still available for direct viewing and editing. (eg. this image is by default .png, but you can click on "21:00, 13 December 2006" to view/save the .svg source)
Inkscape is one of the easiest ways to create SVGs, though it doesn't have any mapping-centric features. Yes, there are sometimes incompatibilities with SVG between programs, however since SVG is an open standard, the issues are usually smaller... the only issue is how closely a given tool adheres to the open standard.
Yes, I understand most copyright issues... I spent much of my time as a Wikipedia admin enforcing copyright / licensing issues.
That's fine if .svg support isn't enabled ASAP... I'll upload things as .png, post the .svg source off-site, and link to the source from the .png image description so that others can modify it. However, since most of the maps here seem to be of the quick-line-drawing type, it seems like it's something that would be really nice to have eventually. --Interiot 18:52, 23 September 2007 (CDT)

Dave I left a comment on the Ice Age Trail/Kettle Moraine South discussion page. Would love to contribute more to a lot of this but since you are the author I will ask you if/how you'd like me to do so. Thanks ( MDuchek 01:54, 29 August 2010 (UTC)

Ski trails at Petrifying Springs County Park

Trails are now being groomed on the Petrifying Springs Golf Course and connect to parking lot across from Parkside Cross Country Course. The north most section near Highway A is lighted until 10:00 PM. Trials were groomed this morning by Steve Wikner.