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--Dave, Thanks for the very useful info about kayaking in Racine. It helped me and my family to have a few very enjoyable outings! I have some updated links and new information you may want to add: First, here's the updated link to the Racine city bicycle trail map (along the Root River):

Next, here are links to a couple places people can rent affordable kayaks:

1. River Bend Nature Center (as of 8/2/2011, renting for $5/hour and minimum 2 hours, open Tuesday through Saturday): Starting from River Bend and going upstream, get a much more natural view.

2. Root River Educational Center (REC) (As of 8/2/2011, renting for $6/hour as long as start between 11AM-12PM, else $8/hour. Open ONLY Saturdays in 2011) and for most recently updated information. Starting from REC, get more of the urban parks views (less natural than River Bend starting point).

--Dave 11:12, 13 June 2008 (CDT) With the recent unusual flooding, they have been closing access to the main canoe launch above Horlick Dam.