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Mountain Bike Trail Conditions

Thursday, Aug 28, 2008. Trails open and in good condition. Note there have been some changes to the trails. Primarily, the southern trails near Rawson Ave have been combined into one loop. So rather than choosing the easy or more difficult trail, you take the easy trail and use the more difficult trail as a return trail.

Sun July 6, 2008. Trails open and a blast to ride, muddy section along river and tough to manage. Park at the driving range near the ski hill parking lot if you want to ride down the fun stuff first and the trails at the bottom are dry and clear. Next time I'll park there to avoid the endless mud after recent rains.

September 17, 2007. Trails open and mainly dry except for portions of the return trail along the river. Trail markers in Crystal Ridge were all intact and pointing in the right directions. Great riding conditions.

May 22, 2007 Mtn bike trails were open today. Most of the trail was either damp hardpack or dry hardpack, however, there was a very wet muddy section starting at the intersection of the Alpha Trail with the Crystal Ridge Trails and extending about 100 ft south on the trail leading into Crystal Ridge. There was actually water flowing down the trail at this point, my only guess is that the wetlands nearby are still draining but with it being as dry as it has been the last month, I was surprised to see this.

November 9, 2006 Mtn bike trails are open today,but with rain in the forecast I would expect them to close this weekend. --Dave 11:36, 9 November 2006 (CST)