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--Dave 16:13, 25 August 2007 (CDT) Some rare late-summer high-water level paddling. Flood conditions from the unusually heavy rain of the last week or so have provided some unique paddling conditions for this time of year. As of today (Saturday Aug 25)the waters were starting to recede in Kenosha County but were still very high. There was room to paddle under the bridges at Highway 165, County Road C, and I94, but the bridge at County Road ML would require a portage. I did not check out the condition at the Russel Road Bridge. Because the river has flooded well beyond it's banks, there are areas where the channel is very difficult to follow, but that's what makes it all that much more interesting. When the water is this high, the current is actually rather slow since the river is so spread out, so paddling upriver is very easy. Probably not the best time for people unfamiliar with these sections of the river since it's very easy to get lost under these flood conditions.

--Dave 15:37, 21 April 2007 (CDT) Conditions pretty good for paddling the Kenosha sections, water levels just high enough to get around or over most obstacles and allow putting in and taking without getting in the mud (just barely). Everything is still rather brown though so the scenery isn't that great (should improve over the next few weeks).