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Basic editing for site visitors

********IMPORTANT UPDATE****** As of May 2012 site visitors can no longer add content to Discussion Pages. Unfortunately I wasn't getting much content from visitors, and it was just too much work cleaning up all the spam I would get from allowing this functionality. I may reconsider this at some point in the future. If you have something important to add, you can email it to me at and I will see about getting it added.

Currently, any site visitor (logged in or not) can add content to Discussion pages (each trail page will have a discussion page, just click the Discussion tab at the top of the page). A Discussion page on is not like a typical web forum made up of a bunch of individual entries. Instead, it is a single page that anyone can edit (add content, change content, remove content, move content). When you click the discussion tab, it will bring you to the discussion page if it exists. If the discussion page does not yet exist, it will bring you directly to the editing workspace. You can basically just start typing in this workspace, click Show Preview to preview the page, then click Save Page to save your work.

If the discussion page already exists, you can click the Edit tab at the top of the page to bring up the edit workspace. You then need to scroll through the page to the point you want to enter your content and then start typing (make sure you leave a blank line above and below your content to separate it from the content already existing). Another option (instead of clicking the edit tab) is to click the + tab next to the edit tab. This will bring up a more familiar forum-type option that will automatically add your content to the page.

You do not need to do anything special to just get text to display on the page (just type the text you want), however there is a special language known as Wikitext that allows you to add some basic formatting to your content. Below is a table with a quick description and examples of the most common wikitext functions that would be used on Discussion pages.

Please do not remove or overtype content submitted by others! A wiki provides a lot of freedom that allows a community of site visitors to assemble content in an organized and useful way. But with this freedom comes the responsibility to respect the work of others. Also be aware that the wiki retains a history of all changes (viewable from the history tab), so if you think that no one will know that you made an unauthorized or malicious change or addition, you would be wrong.

Description! Wikitext in Edit mode! Displays as
Line Breaks- You must leave an empty blank line to get a line break (new paragraph), otherwise the text will just run together.




Hiking Biking Skiing




Bold- enclose the word or phrase you want shown in bold within three single quotes (apostrophe) '
'''Bikes are not allowed''' on trails.

Bikes are not allowed on trails.

Italics- enclose the word or phrase you want shown in Italics within two single quotes (apostrophe) '
''Bikes are not allowed'' on trails.

Bikes are not allowed on trails.

Bullets- Placing an asterisk before a line creates a first level bullet. Placing 2 asterisks before a line creates a second level bullet.
  • Activities
    • Hiking
    • Biking
Simple external link- just type in or paste your external link (url)

Labeled external link- A labeled external link allows you to place a link under text. Leave a space after the link then type in the text you want displayed, then enclose the link and text in brackets.
[ wikipedia]


Internal links- to link to another page within the wiki, enclose the name of the page in double brackets
[[WI Kettle Moraine State Forest]]

WI Kettle Moraine State Forest

Insert signature and timestamp- easiest way is to just click the signature button above the edit workspace. If you are logged in, it will insert your login name (or real name) and the time and date. If you are not logged in, it will insert your IP address and the time and date.

--Admin 16:55, 11 October 2006 (CDT)

Additional editing help is available in the MediaWiki User's Guide.